Buutti Education offers services for both job seekers and employers. From this page, you’ll find experiences of working with Buutti from both of those perspectives.

Customer stories

Stories from our clients about our training programs and CodeMatch co-operation with Buutti

Smartium Oy

Smartium Oy is a Finnish software company that produces top notch solutions for project management and digital content management. Their solutions are tailored for each customer, and consist of, for example, workflow consulting, administration systems’ services and continuous technical support. 

The co-operation of Smartium and Buutti began from a JavaScript training program organized in collaboration with North Ostrobothnia’s TE office. Jenni, a participant of the training, interned at Smartium. Jenni got down to business from the get-go, focusing on Front End development with TypeScript. As the internship went on, she also got to work on the Back End side of things, and operate more independently. 

“We were really satisfied. A very successful recruitment.” Esko Viranko, Smartium Oy

After the internship, Smartium decided to recruit Jenni as a permanent part of their team. Nowadays, her job consists of, among other things, developing scripts and plugins for project management and DAM systems. Jenni told us that she’s very satisfied with working at Smartium, and has also improved as a software developer while working on various different projects.

Inderes Oyj

Inderes Oyj is a well-known Finnish equity analysis company and investor community. Inderes offers high-quality stock analysis, investor communication and content solutions for the needs of both investors as well as listed companies. Over 100 Finnish listed businesses rely on their services. 

Flik Helsinki Oy is a subsidiary of Inderes, specializing in virtual events and video communication. Flik’s services include all of the phases of video production from planning through filming to distribution. Initially started by Flik, now being developed by Inderes, the Videosync platform is a tool designed specially for the high-quality implementation and distribution of virtual events of listed companies, but it’s also widely used by numerous event- and streaming production companies across Europe. 

Buutti and Inderes have co-operated since the spring of 2021. Roni, a CodeMatch developer from Buutti was recruited to work on developing the Videosync platform. The project is web-based, with Angular.js, React and Next.js being used on the Front End, Node.js and MongoDB on the Back End and Kubernetes, Docker, CircleCI, GitHubActions and AWS used on the infrastructure side of things.

Sebitti Oy

Sebitti Oy is a Oulu-based software development and consulting company that’s been operating since 1994. Their strongest suites are Microsoft technologies, such as C#, .NET and Azure. Buutti has collaborated with Sebitti through the CodeMatch recruitment service: they initially recruited Joona from Buutti for a project, where he started with C# development. After that, he quickly got to work with other technologies too, such as Azure, Angular and Vue.js. 

Even though he’s worked mostly remotely, Joona has gotten to know the Sebitti crew well. After the beginning, his work has been revolving around Angular and TypeScript. The co-operation went smoothly, and Joona was recruited as a full-time employee in the autumn of 2020.


“Codematch made it possible to get to know the developer, and the decision to recruit was easy to make.” Jukka Kenttälä, CEO, Sebitti


Haltian is an IoT company from Oulu. Their products are crafted for global applications covering millions of devices. The most well-known of Haltian’s products is the Thingsee product family.

Buutti and Haltian have collaborated through Buutti’s CodeMatch service. Zhanna was selected as a CodeMatch consultant for Haltian, where she began to work on the Thingsee Inspire project. At first, she developed a web application using React, Material UI, Fullpage.js and some other smaller components.

Haltian hired Zhanna as their own employee after a few months of consultancy. She now works full-time, developing, for example, the Thingsee Open API to use QraphQL technology and AWS Lambda functions. Zhanna has liked working at Haltian: the projects are interesting and she’s gotten to know her coworkers regardless of the exceptional circumstances.


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