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Jobs at Buutti Education

Buutti Education offers training programs for those at the beginning of their programming careers. We also occasionally hire new trainers for our courses – we will inform of these openings on this page when they come up.

Buutti is constantly looking for new consultants of all experience levels. For junior developers, we offer job opportunities through our CodeMatch recruitment program. In addition to CodeMatch, jobs for more experienced developers are listed on Buutti Consulting’s website


The recruitment process of Buutti is very smooth, and you won’t have to wait for answers for weeks on end. The process focuses on measuring the actual technical skills of the applicants and their passion for programming, which are the things that benefit our clients the most. The evaluation of your competence is carried out by professional software developers, and only the best will be selected.

  1. Application
    To start, tell us who you are, what you are capable of, and what kind of work you are interested in. 
  2. A call
    We will get to know each other better. You can give us a broader image of your employment history, your interests, and any expectations/wishes you have regarding Buutti. You will also get to know more about working at Buutti and we will answer any questions you may have.
  3. Programming assignment
    Time to put your money where your mouth is. You’ll be given a programming assignment, which will measure the technical skills we require for the position.
  4. Technical interview
    This interview will measure your technical knowledge and might contain some difficult questions. You can also challenge our opinions, and find out if your views on technology match ours. We will also test your practical skills with a coding exercise.
  5. Finding the right project
    You’ll have a meeting with one of our salespeople, whose job is to find the right projects just for you.
  6. Welcome to Buutti!
    Time to put on your Buutti-hoodie and get the ball rolling.

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