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Our story

Right from the get-go in the Spring of 2017, our goal has been clear: to help young people develop their passion for technology. We have quickly grown from a group of four, enthusiastic founders to an eighty-person IT-consulting and ICT-training company. During this time, we have helped over 3300 young people, students or unemployed to develop their programming skills.

From 2018 on we have offered IT-consulting and software development services. Our biggest customers are from ICT and communications technology, healthcare, automotive and IoT.

At Buutti, you will join a team of tech enthusiasts. We get along and spend time together also on our free time: you can join our epic, weekly badminton games or occasionally organized Buutti LAN parties. Naturally, salary and other benefits at Buutti are also adequate.


CodeMatch consists of an intensive learning period and a consultation period. First, you will receive a couple of weeks of local programming training about the necessities of the project you will take part in. After that, you will work as a software developer for our client. With the projects that our clients in the fields of ICT, healthcare, and finance provide, you get to improve your skills and get to know the employer for a duration of twelve months.

The goal of Buutti and our CodeMatch clients is always to recruit, and you have an excellent opportunity to get a permanent job from our client both during the consultation period and after it. Every single one of our CodeMatch programmers has been employed by our clients on a permanent full-time basis.

Our client projects are mainly located in Oulu or Helsinki, and depending on the client, may require a full-time presence or just an occasional visit to the office. Some of the projects can also be done completely remotely.

Who is CodeMatch suitable for?

CodeMatch jobs are suitable for junior-level programmers at the beginning of their careers. The jobs are best suited for people that already have some experience in programming work. We take note of any education, hobbies, and work experience that could be beneficial, so please let us know about them when applying.


Our recruitment process focuses on measuring the actual technical skills of the applicants and their passion for programming, which are the things that benefit our clients the most. Each one of our developers has a personal interest in programming, which makes it more than just a job for us. 

Open applications

Buutti has new opportunities and projects starting continuously. We are looking for ICT and education professionals with varying skillsets. We are not too picky about your formal education, mother tongue or necessarily even your work history. Our application process focuses on measuring the applicant’s real technical and educational skills. We encourage you to send in your open application, as we might just have a perfect project for you!

In your open application, please answer the following questions:

  • Your history with IT as a hobby, education and job
  • What kind of job opportunities are you looking for

You can send your questions and applications to our recruiting specialist +358 45 783 426 25,>

The recruitment process of Buutti is very smooth, and you won’t have to wait for answers for weeks on end. The evaluation of your competence is carried out by professional software developers, and only the best will be selected.

  1. Application
    To start, tell us who you are, what you are capable of, and what kind of work you are interested in. 
  2. A call
    We will get to know each other better. You can give us a broader image of your employment history, your interests, and any expectations/wishes you have regarding Buutti. You will also get to know more about working at Buutti and we will answer any questions you may have.
  3. Programming assignment
    Time to put your money where your mouth is. You’ll be given a programming assignment, which will measure the technical skills we require for the position.
  4. Technical interview
    This interview will measure your technical knowledge and might contain some difficult questions. You can also challenge our opinions, and find out if your views on technology match ours. We will also test your practical skills with a coding exercise.
  5. Finding the right project
    You’ll have a meeting with one of our salespeople, whose job is to find the right projects just for you.
  6. Welcome to Buutti!
    Time to put on your Buutti-hoodie and get the ball rolling.

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