What is it?

CodeMatch is a recruiting service for those who are in the first years of their IT-careers. You will receive a month of paid full-time programming training and then work in a customer’s project.

Learning period

In the beginning of your CodeMatch employment, you will receive a month of full-time, paid programming training. The training is worth 10 000€, but you will receive it free.

Consulting period

During the consulting period, you will get to know the employer. You will sign a contract with Buutti, but will work in our customer’s project. The consulting period is also full-time and paid, with a salary of 2000-3500€ per month.

How do I apply?

Send us your questions and applications on our Open opportunities site.

Job opportunities

Any questions?

Contact us:

Liisa Pakarinen

+358 45 7834 2625


Customer references


Haltian is an Oulu-based IoT company that delivers end-to-end IoT solutions and services. Haltian’s products enable scaling up to millions of devices around the world. Among their products is their widely used Thingsee product family.

Buutti and Haltian have worked together through Buutti’s CodeMatch service. Zhanna was chosen through Buutti’s recruitment process to a traineeship period at Haltian. She began her work in Haltian’s Thingsee Inspire project. She helped create a web application using React.js, Material UI, Fullpage.js and other small component libraries. 

Haltian hired Zhanna after a couple of months in the project. She is now a full-time employee Zhanna’s other tasks have included updating Thingsee Open API to use GraphQL technologies and customer tasks with AWS Lambda functions. Zhanna has liked working at Haltian. The projects are interesting and there have been great team-building events even in the current situation.