Buutti’s CodeMatch is a recruiting service for junior level software developers. We find you a software project where you can learn and grow as a developer. First, you’ll sign a contract with Buutti and attend a 20-day programming training. After that, you’ll join our customer in their development project, but will still legally be a Buutti employee. 

The goal of both Buutti and our customers is for you to land a permanent job in the customer company. They have the right to hire you at any time, and you will then sign a contract with them.  So far, all our CodeMatch developers have been hired to our customers full-time!

Send us your application and CV to join. You will go through a couple of programming assignments and interviews before we’ll pick you to be a CodeMatch developer.

Any questions? Contact us:

Lassi Kaisto

+358 40 7077 310



As you apply to CodeMatch, you will be interviewed and trained by our experienced software developers.