CodeMatch Academy

What is it?

CodeMatch Academy is a high-quality programming course. This new type of training from Buutti Oy and TE-Offices gives you personalized programming training and a 100% chance to land a job. You will receive 6 months of paid software development training and work the minimum of 6 months as a paid, full-time software developer.

Why choose CodeMatch Academy?

Buutti’s instructors have fresh experience from software development work. They can select the most work-life relevant content for the training and know how to apply them in real life. CodeMatch Academy has been designed from the ground up to match a software developer’s everyday life.

In CodeMatch Academy, you will get work experience as a junior-level software developer. Buutti guarantees employment for all the participants who complete the training. You will work for either Buutti or our customer companies.

Our Customer Success Manager Lassi Kaisto will seek out a suitable employer for you. He is a seasoned pro in sales and recruiting services. Lassi makes sure you land an interesting job with good career prospects.

Who are the instructors?

Johannes Kantola

Johannes is a software developer at Buutti. He has been the instructor in a lot of Buutti’s software development training.

Heli Isohätälä

Heli has experience both as a software development instructor and a software project lead. She excels at guiding you with the skills needed in the everyday life of a software developer.

Is CodeMatch Academy suitable for you?

Applicants with the most suitable experience in software development will be chosen for the training. The experience may be based on a hobby, job experience or education. To get into the training, you have to be a customer at TE-services. The training is available both in Finnish and English.

Can you apply?

  1. You have to be a customer of the TE-offices.
  2. You must have prior experience in software development. It can be based on a hobby, job experience or education.
  3. You must be fluent in either English or Finnish.
  4. The training is the most suitable for people under 30 years of age, but people of other ages can also apply and be selected.
  5. The training is the most suitable for people living in Northern Ostrobothnia, but people from other locations in finland can also apply and be selected.

Example job titles after the training

JavaScript Developer, Web Developer, Full Stack Developer, Front End  Developer, Back End Developer, Embedded Systems Developer, C++ Developer, C# Developer, DevOps Engineer

What will you be learning?

Each of the participants will get a personalized training schedule. The first 1,5 months will be independent studying. After that, a group project will be conducted. The group project will simulate a real-life software development project.

After the training period, you will start working as a full-time paid software developer. All who complete the training are guaranteed to land a job either at Buutti or at our clients.

The pay during the working period is 2700€ per month on average.

How do you complete the training?

You must prove you are willing to learn software development and develop your skills. You participate actively in the training and complete the assignments. You also pass the final exam to prove you have the skills of a junior-level software developer.

What do you gain from this?

  • The software project completed during the training is a great help for job applications.
  • You will some essential skills of a developer:
    • Project work skills
    • Agile methods
    • Project management tools, such as Trello
    • GitLab CI/CD
  • At least six months of experience as a software developer.

Where is the training?

The training will have contact lessons in Teknologiantie 2, Linnanmaa, Oulu. Each of the participants is assigned their own desk and a computer.

Remote participation is also possible.

Buutti Education

Right from the get-go in the Spring of 2017, our goal has been clear: to help people to develop their passion for programming. We have quickly grown from a group of four, enthusiastic founders to a forty-person IT-consulting and ICT-training company. During this time, we have helped 3300 young people, students and unemployed to develop their programming skills. We constantly train new developers from writing their first line of code in Koodikärpät to full-time employment as IT-consultants.

Info session 2

There will be a second webinar and a Q&A on the 10th of March,12:00-13:00. 

Join us with this link:

In a nutshell

  • A 12-month software development training that includes 6 months of high-quality training and 6 months of paid work experience as a junior-level software developer.
  • The application period is 8.2.2021 – 15.3.2021
  • The training period is: 26.4.2021 – 19.10.2021
  • The work period is: 19.10.2021-8.4.2022
  • The 15 most suitable applicants will be chosen for the training