BuutCamp Agile: C#

What is it?

Do you want to learn the programming language used in Unity and most of Microsoft products? C# is an important piece of technology that is used in all around the world. In BuutCamp Agile: C# you will learn both C# programming and agile developing methods.

Can I get a job with it?

Yes, you can! A big part of the participants in our BuutCamp trainings have landed full-time software development jobs.

Why choose BuutCamp Agile?

Lots of high-quality teaching

Buutti’s instructors have fresh experience from software development work. They can select the most work life relevant contents for the training and know how to apply them in real life.

Work-life applicability

After BuutCamp Agile you will know how a real software development team works. This will help you both land a job and succeed in it.

Suitable and useful training companies

Our Customer Success Manager Lassi Kaisto will seek out suitable training companies for the participants. He makes sure that the participants will get a suitable training company and can use the skill they have learned during the course.

Is BuutCamp Agile: C# for you?

Applicants with the most suitable experience in software development will be chosen to the training. The experience may be based on a hobby, job experience or education. To get into the training, you have to be a customer at TE-services. The training is in English.

Can you apply?

  1. You have to be a customer of the TE-offices
  2. You must have prior experience in software development. It can be based on a hobby, job experience or education.

Example job titles after the training

Software designer, game developer, software developer, back end web developer, software engineer

What will you be learning?

  • Basics of C#
  • Teamwork and agile methods
  • Postman
  • SQL

Applying for the training company

We recommend that you start seeking a training company right away. If you can not find a training company before applying, there is no need to worry as training companies can be also sought during BuutCamp Trainee. Buutti has the final responsibility for applying for the training companies, and our Customer Success Manager Lassi Kaisto will find a suitable company for you. By getting a training company by yourself you will secure a place the training!

Apply by the 7th of June

You can already sign up to the training and start seeking a training company. To apply, please send the following information to hakemukset@buutti.com:

  1. Your name
  2. Your contact information
  3. Your application
  4. Your CV

For more information, please contact Sonja Mehtälä: +358 45 787 49 896, sonja.mehtala@buuttiedu.com. By sending your application to us you accept that we have permission to introduce your CV to the potential internship companies.

In addition to sending your application to us, you have to also apply through TE-office’s website.

BuutCamp in TE-office's website