Recruitment training

What is it?

At Buutti’s recruitment training programs, we train skilled software experts for other companies. To ensure compatibility, you get to choose the expert you prefer yourself from a long list of talented applicants.

Contents of the training

Buutti provides the trainees with a deep dive into modern-day programming. However, you need more than just coding skills to be an expert programmer. In addition, other important skills are needed. For example; Scrum-teamwork, fixing old code, or adding one’s own code to larger projects. After taking part in Buutti’s recruitment training, the participants are ready to be functional parts of a software development team.

Recruitment training timeline


Buutti assesses the needs and requirements of employers and plans a corresponding training program. We will inform employers of the financial compensation provided by ELY and prepare a preliminary training proposal, that the employer presents to the ELY-center with Buutti’s support.


The most promising candidates are selected for Buutti’s interview process. The process contains an interview and a programming task, with which we will review the applicants’ know-how and compatibility. Employers interview the candidates as well to ensure compatibility.

3. TRAINING PERIOD (2,5 months)

The applicants selected by employers are taught the selected technologies by contact teaching. In addition to technological skills, the participants are taught the day-to-day skills of software developers, such as Scrum, Git and Docker.


Participants move from the training into the companies. Orientation is conducted by a mentor selected by the employer in co-operation with Buutti’s tutors. The participant and mentor will be contacted by Buutti once or twice a month to ensure that the goals of the training period are reached.


A meeting will be arranged for Buutti’s tutor, the participant and the mentor before the end of the internship period. The employer makes the final decision about the recruitment of the participant.

Contact us

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Why choose Buutti?

We have strong expertise in software consulting, which has helped us create training that corresponds to the everyday life of a software developer. There is a controlled balance between theory and practical skills, which also promotes self-studying for the participants.

Our participants receive a lot of personal guidance. The support of the instructors is always available when needed, and personal feedback discussions ensure the necessary support. This is how we make sure that every one of our participants reaches a level of skill according to the training plan.

The group work portion of the training is implemented using a work-life simulation developed by Buutti Oy. This gives our trainees valuable programming experience even before moving on to working in other companies. The elements of modern development work, such as Daily-meetings, Sprint reviews, and Sprint Retrospective, are also part of the training.