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We offer versatile and flexible IT training and recruiting services. We will find the exact match for your need. For more information, please contact us.

CodeMatch recruiting service

What is it?

Our Codematch service lets companies hire new talents with reduced risks. In CodeMatch, the candidate will be employed by Buutti Oy and the candidate will be participating in a customer’s project. CodeMatch offers customer a possibility to get the information about the knowledge and suitability of the candidate before the actual recruit decision. If the candidate is a match, customer can recruit the candidate whenever they want. After 9 months of the trial period, the customer can hire the candidate without recruit costs.

What’s in it for you?

CodeMatch is a reduced-risk recruitment service. The customer can evaluate the candidate before making the recruitment decision. The customer can terminate the deal whenever they will.

Who are the candidates?

We pick the candidates from our wide selection of ICT-training. Their programming skills are based on hobbies, education or work experience. As with all of our recruiting processes, the focus is on real programming skills. We ensure the skills and technical knowledge of the candidates by using technical interviews and programming tests.

Why would you choose Buutti?

We have a wide range of ongoing ICT-training at any moment. From these courses, we pick the best of the bunch. Also our co-operation with the University of Oulu connects us with recently graduated engineers.

How much does it cost?

During the nine months of the trial period, the candidate’s price depends about the experience of the candidate. Customer can hire the candidate during the trial period or after it. Cost of recruitment will depend about the length of employee relationship.

BuutCamp Trainee: Javascript

Employ a competent web developer through BuutCamp Trainee!

BuutCamp Trainee is a six months (From April 24th to October 11th) long training for fifteen participants. In BuutCamp Trainee, the participants will gain practical skills and work life experience on a particular technology. Companies have the chance to hire a new, motivated employee that has already been working in the company for a few months. The participants will be doing a training in the company for 76 days, in addition to their prior 40 days of software development training and four days of orientation.

Who are the participants and what kinds of assignments can they handle?

The participants have experience on software development through hobbies, job experience or education. After the 40 days of training, the participants will be able work on entry and trainee level positions.

What are the subjects of the training?

    The 40 days of training will deepen the participants’ understanding of web development. The exact contents are:

  • basics of programming
  • unit testing
  • principles of good UI design
  • HTML5, CSS3, React, Node ja JavaScript

During the following 76 days of training at a company the skills will develop even further.

What does this cost for the employer?

The cost of the training for companies will be 450€ per month for the four months of employment, which adds up to 1800€ (VAT 0%). The participant will be technically employed by Buutti Oy. Buutti will also take care of the participant’s insurance.

Why would you recruit through BuutCamp Trainee?

BuutCamp Trainee gives companies the chance to recruit a competent developer with minimum risk. in the first 40 days of the training, we will ensure the participant has adequate skills to work as a web development trainee. During the 76 days of employment, companies can make sure the participant is a good fit to their organization.