Passion for Programming

Right from the get-go in the Spring of 2017, our goal has been clear: to help people to develop their passion for programming. We have quickly grown from a group of four, enthusiastic founders to a fifty-person IT-consulting and ICT-training company. During this time, we have helped 3300 young people, students and unemployed to develop their programming skills. We constantly train new developers from writing their first line of code in Koodikärpät to full-time employment as IT-consultants.

We started our first ICT-trainings already in 2016, when our founder Dan Ackers organized Koodikärpät. The first summer of Koodikärpät was a success, and we expanded our business to programming and robotics clubs at the University of Oulu. In the Spring of 2017, Buutti Oy was founded.

Nowadays we have 10 instructors, who all have experience from various trainings. In the summer of 2019, Koodikärpät has grown to include 150 participants, aged from 15 to 17 years. The Mobile Fab Lab 1-day programming event has been to 40 different schools, and our trainings with TE-services have improved the programming skills of more than a hundred people.

In Buutti Oy’s trainings, the participants learn by doing. For young people, the trainings focus on practical and interesting tasks, like LED-programming and laser cutting. For adults, the trainings are based on work-life applications and newest technologies. Each training is customized for the audience, and develops skills relevant to the participants’ lives.

Dan Ackers (right), first Summer of Koodikärpät, 2016

Koodikärpät in the Summer of 2018 with our instructor Leevi in the middle.

BuutCamp training in the Spring of 2019